Today’s Word: ‘Space’ as in… dear God, let there be some space for something to happen.

I understand that sabbath means rest, it means ceasing, it means stepping out of the ordinary and familiar rhythms of daily life in order to see differently, hear more clearly, taste more robustly, touch with more awareness, smell the aroma of a fuller life. For some, sabbath includes setting things aside: unplugging from technology, abandoning schedules, disconnecting from routines. For others it’s about emptying in order to be eventually filled. It’s about leaving room in order to return to some room, it’s about losing in order to find, about emptying in order to have some filling, about letting the ordinary be overwhelmed with the extraordinary. It’s about walking away from excess and stepping into the essential.

Ted Loder, in his remarkable book, Guerillas of Grace, give us a good word today:

“O God, let something essential happen to me, something more than interesting or entertaining, or thoughtful. O God, let something essential happen to me, something awesome, something real. Speak to my condition, Lord, and change me somewhere inside where it matters, a change that will burn and tremble and heal and explode me into tears or laughter or love that throbs or screams or keeps a terrible, cleansing silence and dares the dangerous deeds. Let something happen in me which is my real self, God. O God, let something essential and joyful happen in me now, something like the blooming of hope and faith, like a grateful heart, like a surge of awareness of how precious each moment is, that now, not next time, now is the occasion to take off my shoes to see every bush afire, to leap and whirl with neighbor, to gulp the air as sweet wine until I’ve drunk enough to dare to speak the tender word: “Thank you” “I love you” “You’re beautiful” “Let’s live forever beginning now” and “I’m a fool for Christ’s sake.”


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