Today’s Word: ‘Change’ as in… there’s no spare amount of change in our lives.

Okay, so we’re near the end of the month of September. Let’s just take stock of the changes: A season has come and is going; summer—as we know it, is winding down and Autumn is emerging. August (as in the month) schedules have been mostly replaced by September rhythms. Teachers have gone back to the classrooms, students have followed, parents have relaxed – just a bit. Some have moved out of town, others have moved in. Jobs have been changed, engagements announced, weddings celebrated, babies born, hockey and basketball are cranking up, football is in full swing, and the leaves on the trees are changing color… just to name a few.

Changes. Physical changes. We all encounter changes. Half of us say “we’re good with change.” Half say, “I detest change.” But all of us deal with it.

What does your list look like? How many changes have you made in the past month? How do you deal with change? There’s a big difference between change and transition.

We’ll get to that, but for now, just take stock of the changes. And as we head into a bit of sabbath tomorrow, perhaps it’s a day to just ponder those changes and nothing more.

No fixing, no stressing. Just let them be.


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