SpaghettiToday’s Word: ‘spaghetti’ as in… some thoughts like “spaghetti on the fridge door” after listening to an amazing interview featuring Pastor Lydia Sohn from St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in San Diego, California.

Some reflections…

For many, living into our spirit(ual)ed call can seem burdensome, heavy. That often comes from framing God as ‘extrinsic.’ When we begin with an extrinsic view of God, life is a constant test for acceptance and approval. We’re always trying to measure up, make the grade, hit the mark, arrive. When we turn relationships into tasks and projects, it’s not long before we’re making life a job where we need to do the best we can to ‘save’ others because that’s the task that will produce gold stars in our cosmic performance reviews.

Sheeeesh. How’s that working for you? That never goes well. That was never the point. That’s even a bit narcissistic.

The healthy, thriving, life-giving invitation to each of us is to understand that God is ‘intrinsic’ and intimately connected with us. Something very liberating happens when we live from the perspective that our worth as a human being is intrinsic and infinite and non-negotiable! We’re loved for love’s sake. When we begin each day with “I am loved and treasured by the Creator of the Universe,” we discover that our calling to live into life-and-more-life each day is no longer a test but rather a profound gift of grace.

That brings a completely different orientation to our work, to our play, to our relationships, to our perspective on life in general! We no longer engage others because we have to be somebody’s savior because we already have one of those! And we’d be terrible at it anyway! And so now we get to do our work and live our lives out of pure joy, giving from the gifts that we’ve received because that’s when we’re happiest – when we’re living in alignment with the talents that God has given to us!

That’s a really great story. I’m sticking to that. Like spaghetti on the fridge.


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