StillnessToday’s Word: ‘Still” as in… only through being still can we experience a renewal that will lead us to, and through, the next part of the journey.

Considering all of those questions I gave you yesterday… even if you took time for a handful, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed.

That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a sign of health to be able to feel anything at that depth.

There are many ways to navigate “The Endings.” The most important first step is this: seek some stillness.

Find some solitude in the midst of your swirling world which seems to be constantly changing, demanding, challenging. People do this in many different ways. Some will set aside time every day to sit quietly and think, and listen. Others will write in a journal, still others will pray and meditate. A few will listen. Many will go for a run or a swim.

Whatever you do, seek some moments for your interior to slow down.

Tomorrow is a sabbath, a day of rest. Let’s do this together tomorrow. The point is that it’s probably a really good idea to resist—if not reject the demand to respond, act, decide what’s next.

Just be still.

Become aware of your drive to “sort if all out.” Trust me, only through this stillness can we experience the renewal that will lead us to, and through, the next part of the journey: The Wilderness.

For now, be still.



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