GrandToday’s Word: ‘Grand!’ as in… I wish I had a buck for every time a grandparent told me: “Grand parenting is just the best! You’re going to absolutely love it!” If I had a dollar for every time I’d been told that, I’d be a wealthy man.

Nancy Lee and I have just become grandparents. Again. For the fourth time.

Just days ago, a little life entered the world, entered our lives and found a home in our hearts. And in the way that something like this always does, this new little life changed me in ways I couldn’t have anticipated.

Birth should do that.

There’s something about the “beginning” and the “brand-newness” of a birth that changes everything in us. A birth brings wonder and awe, it stirs something in us. It creates new hope and deeper promise. The remarkable news of a birth calls us out of ourselves, out of the dark nights of our winter, and invites us into something brighter and warmer and wonder-filled. Birth—even in its grand mystery, should point us to the promise of new ways of knowing and being known.

Birth should do that.

Birth teaches us about waiting and preparation. It reminds us of the importance of gathering with friends and family to celebrate the expectation of a pregnancy.

Birth should do that.

Birth reminds us of the power of kind and loving words of grace spoken into the silence as well as the noise of our much-too-busy lives. Birth should be a sign of a greater invitation—even a song that we sing about the fullness of time.

Birth should do that.

Birth reminds us of the power of surprise, how we feel and what we experience when a child is born into our midst; the softness of her breath, the wonder of his voice, the joy the peace, the hope, the love that a child brings.

Birth should do that.

We have a grandson. This birth has done that.


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