NewToday’s Word: ‘New’ as in… creation: we are a new creation, we are new today, we are new right now!

The biblical narrative carries the good news that everything is constantly being renewed.

Scripture begins with a new creation. The Genesis poem roots the beginning of all things in a new creation – a garden, of all things! On the far end, in the book of Revelation, the Genesis garden has grown into a New City, the image of a new heaven and a new earth.

The ancient prophetic voices were constantly calling people out from the old ways of being human into new ways of life and aliveness.

Jesus came to unleash newness on every level. His baptism is a reference to Genesis 1. His signs all point to the new creation. His resurrection reflects the new creation; the first day of the new week is a reference to the newness of all things, it’s an affirmation of this world – created good, everything coming alive, bursting forth right here and right now!

Let’s think about the implications for all of the ways we lean into thriving rhythms of life in our work, our play, our creativity, our relationships.

Let’s take some time today to consider how we can live and move, serve and love so that everything we do becomes an expression of the new creation.


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