ReleaseToday’s Word: ‘Release’ as in… it’s okay, just let go of it, you’ll be fine.

Nancy Lee and I are sitting on the deck, it’s late afternoon and we’re looking at two trees. One of the trees, an Ash, of some kind, has let go of thousands of leaves. Thousands. I didn’t count, but I know I’m super close. Thousands. We’ve raked, blown and mowed until the only thing left in the tree is a squirrel’s nest.

The other tree is a Maple. It’s a fiery, red maple with a tenacious spirit. The branches are still full. The colors are still vibrant, though changing. As we sit watching these two trees – one that my mom would have called “bare naked” (seriously, mom, are you kidding me?) and the other that we now have to refer to as “fully clothed” we notice that some of the leaves on the Maple are beginning to let go. One here, a couple there. Beautiful leaves are drifting, floating, falling. They are finally letting go. They’re letting go in order to do what leaves do after they fall: bring new life to some other part of the created order.

“Hmmm” Nancy Lee says, “that’s a good reminder.”

“A good reminder of what?” I ask.

It’s a good reminder when you see a leaf floating down like that, to ask yourself, what do I need to release right now? What’s holding me back or weighing me down, what’s keeping me from moving ahead? What, in this moment, in this day, in this week, in this season do I need to release in order embrace—or be embraced by life and more life?

Hmmm, it’s okay, just let go of it, you’ll be fine.


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