ImagineToday’s Word: ‘Imagine’ as in… let’s imagine what it would be like to actually be in this painting.

We can only imagine what it would sound like if we could hear it; if we could – as I asked my mother long ago, “play this picture.”

We can only imagine this one moment caught on the canvas of this mid-15th century digital image. We can only imagine the sounds of the harbor, the seagulls, the workers loading the ships. We can only imagine the voices of the people in the marketplace, the conversation among the men on the dock. We can only imagine the movement of the water drawing us deeper and deeper in the painting; drawing us closer and closer to the boy—this young man sitting on the end of the pier gazing longingly into the sun-drenched new day and the open water far beyond the safety of the harbor.

Near the very center of this painting is Columbus’s face. Tanned, yet tender, ruddy, and full of wonder, his face is full of the salty breeze of the Mediterranean. And we can only imagine what must be going on in his mind. What could Columbus possibly be thinking at this very moment?

Because it’s generally believed that Columbus began his voyaging career at around the age of 10, he knows he can do it! He trusts his sense of adventure! He knows that he has a vision for his future that will carry him confidently into the vastness of the sea beyond this safe harbor. But he must have had questions.

He must have had questions, right?

Having a vision, an idea, a hope for the future and then getting there are two different things. Think about where you’ve been. Think about where you are. Now think about where you’re going. What questions are you asking? Where will your journey lead? How will you get there? Just imagine!


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