Questions1Today’s Word: ‘Questions’ as in… it’s okay to have a few. Or a lot.

Having a vision for the future is one thing. Actually getting to that future is another. Think about where you are right now and where your journey may be taking you. Are you asking questions? Now that’s a really good question.

Here are a few more questions in no particular order…

Where does my vision come from? Is my vision big enough? Am I ready for the adventure? Where will my journey lead? How will I get there? When will I get there? What will I accomplish? What will I discover about myself? What kind of impact will I make? How much will it cost? What dangers will I face? What will I risk by going? What will I gain by going? What will I risk by not going? What will I lose by staying? Will I survive? Will I thrive? Will it be dangerous? Will my ship sail? Will my ship float? Will I be afraid? Who will meet me in my fear? How far will I have to push myself? How can I turn problems into opportunities? What’s my next step? How will I chart my way? What does my head say about all of this? What does my heart say about all of this?

There must have been so much going on in Columbus’s heart; so many questions swirling around in Columbus’s mind on that day as he sat on the end of that pier gazing into his future with the conviction that nothing could hold him back.

Here’s what we know for sure: he went.

He got up from that pier, boarded his ship, and sailed out of the safety of the harbor into the open waters. Columbus’s vision took him from the end of that pier into places he’d never been before and it changed his life.

He went. Are ready to go?


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