BeginningToday’s Word: ‘beginning’ as in… the Dream continues to create a new beginning. And that beginning continues with you. That beginning continues with me. That beginning continues with us; all of us together.

The Dream for health and wholeness that was imagined by a medical student who randomly picked up a book that was written by a writer sipping coffee one afternoon who heard a cellist playing melodies in the park where children flew kites with their families while a photographer snapped pictures, created hope because a record producer attended a dance recital while a crowd gathered to watch young dancers dance the Dream-Dance created by a dance teacher who was inspired at a dinner party by a drawing stuck to a refrigerator by a child who giggled and laughed out loud on a bus full of children on the way to school after a long night of dreaming the Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything.

Each month I gather with a group of parents preparing to celebrate the sacrament of baptism for their kiddos; the gift of God calling, naming, claiming, and surrounding them in love. They are joy-filled—every one of them as they hope for the “Dream of God” to be realized – unleashed – in and through their children. It’s only a beginning, but each time it happens it’s a new beginning! And that new beginning creates all kinds of life and more life! This new beginning continues with you. This new beginning continues with me. This new beginning continues with us; all of us together!

So let’s create the new beginning … again!


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