Dance Emily JoyceToday’s Word: ‘Dance’ as in… once the Dream becomes a dance, then everyone begins to move into a thriving rhythm!

Months after the little boy’s picture winds up on the front of the refrigerator in the kitchen, his parents host a dinner party. They’ve invited some friends to join them. Several of them are standing in the kitchen, chatting away, sipping some really great wine (from the Marlborough region of South Island, New Zealand) when one of them happens to notice a drawing on the refrigerator. It is the little boy’s picture of The Dream.

One of the guests, a dance teacher, asks about it. She is inspired by the colors, the shapes, the grace and movement that she sees in this Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything picture.

Weeks later, still captivated, the dance teacher interprets the Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything picture into a Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything dance. She teaches it to a group of young dancers. One of them, a young man, dances the Dream-Dance at a recital. There is a large audience, including the oldest brother of one of the Dream dancers who watches with rapt attention. He is inspired, moved to tears by the Dream-Dance.

In time, back in the studio, he describes the Dream-Dance to a friend who plays the cello. Something is happening: the Dream catches on. When we dream this Dream, things begin to change.

What’s happening is that the Dream is becoming a dance. And when the Dance catches on, everyone begins to move in into a thriving rhythm.


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