Healing (puzzle)Today’s Word: ‘Healing’ as in… when this Dream catches on, the hope for healing becomes a new thriving rhythm!

The story is illustrated, printed, bound and then published. The act of binding this book actually sets loose a new healing story!

Here’s what happens next: A young woman—a medical student at a university hospital, visits a local bookstore. She pulls the book from the shelf and reads the story written by the woman at the sidewalk coffee shop. Something is set loose deep within her. In that moment the disparate pieces of a medical mystery that has puzzled her and confounded her colleagues begin to come together. She drives to the laboratory. She gathers her colleagues. They organize their thoughts, they run new tests, they study the fresh findings. Finally, this young medical student and her colleagues realize that they’ve stumbled upon a possible hope for an impossible dream. It’s a new treatment for an old illness, a balm for brokenness, a remedy for a malady, a healing for heartaches. They discover a lifesaving response to a deadly disease and the Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything creates an awakening.

Something is happening: the Dream is catching on. When we dream this Dream, new stories are written and new possibilities are set loose. What’s happening is that the Dream becomes a new treatment which, in turn, could lead to healing.

And when this Dream catches on, the hope for healing becomes a new thriving rhythm.


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