Today’s Word: ‘Imagination’ as in… this Dream will spark some imagination.

Okay, so let’s imagine a room full of parents who have a life full of kids. The Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything unleashed in the lives of all of these kids is the bright, sundrenched, powerful, transformational, Spirit-breathed, other-worldly, and at the same time, very purposefully ‘this-worldly’ dream that God wishes to set loose in their lives. I believe that any one or all of the kids represented in any room full of moms and dads could, at any moment themselves, dream the Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything.

Let’s use our imagination with this.

A little girl crawls into her warm bed one night and falls fast asleep. She has a dream – it’s the Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything. The next morning she runs to the bus stop and tells her friend about The Dream. The Dream catches on as those two little girls sit together on the bus on their way to school. They’re giggling and laughing out loud, catching the attention of other kids around them. When one of the other kids on the bus asks, “What are you giggling and laughing out loud about?” the little girl describes The Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything in riveting detail and in living color!

There is a little boy sitting in a seat three rows back who overhears the ‘giggling and laughing out loud’ conversation.

Several days later, unable to get The Dream out of his head, he takes out a piece of drawing paper and with some crayons and colored pencils begins drawing a picture on that paper. It’s a picture of the Dream-of-God-that-changes-everything that he heard on the bus that the girls were giggling and laughing out loud about earlier in the week.

In time, the little boy’s picture winds up on the front of the refrigerator in his kitchen. It is held fast right there with a big magnet. The Dream catches on. Because when we dream this Dream, things begin to happen.


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