StoryToday’s Word: ‘Story’ as in… something happens when the Dream becomes a story.

The cellist plays music in the park; a large, green space in the midst of the city. On this beautiful day many people playing in the warm sun. A family enjoys a picnic, and as the cellist plays her music, inspired by Dream-Dance, children are flying kites. They are running, jumping, giggling and laughing out loud as their colorful kites dance in the breeze. All over the park people watch as the kites fill the sky with color and movement in this spirited Wind-Dance.

Something transformational happens as the kites dive and dance in the wind and soar to the rhythms from the cello.

Nearby, a photographer is taking pictures of the kites being flown by the children as they run, jump, giggle and laugh to the music from the cellist, whose friend in the recording studio shared the story of the Dance at a recital created by the teacher who saw the picture on the refrigerator that was illustrated with crayons and colored pencils by the little boy on the bus who overheard the little girl share The Dream.

As the cellist plays the beautiful melody, the music of the Dream-Song floats up and over the park until it reaches a young woman at an outdoor coffee shop. She is a writer. The music surrounds her, and the story that she has been struggling to create suddenly begins to emerge. In a flood of words and images, the story flows from her fingers into her laptop and onto the page.

A week later, after sharing the story with friends, one of them, a gifted speaker, retells the story to a large audience. This story is Dream-like; like no other story, like no other dream. In time, the story is illustrated, printed, bound and published.

Something is happening: the Dream is catching on. And when we dream this Dream, things happen. What’s happening is that the Dream is becoming our story. And when our story catches on, everyone begins to learn a new, thriving, rhythmic language.


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