BuildingToday’s Word: ‘Building’ as in… the church should leave the building.

So here’s a question I’m wrestling with: When I “go to church” on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, to give thanks to God for all that God has done, is doing, and will do in and through the people of God everywhere, when we “go to church” to sing, to listen, to pray, to give thanks, to share resources – all of that and so much more, is that all there is? Is that the extent of it? Is that the whole purpose?

Don’t misunderstand, great and important things go on and take place when the Body of Christ is gathered. Christ-Followers have been doing this for centuries, and the Body of Christ is strengthened greatly in this way. But at some point we have to ask ourselves what changes come about in our homes, in our neighborhoods, in our cities and beyond if just gathering together is all that we do?

I know, it’s a challenging question, but how does doing all of that really change the things that we all know need to be changed? I’m affirming without reservation that there are many ways and reasons that friends and family worship together “at church.”

What I’m challenging us to think about is how our being together ‘in the church’ changes how we think about ourselves ‘as the church’. How do we move beyond the walls ‘of the church’ so that we can actually ‘be the church’ for others who may not ordinarily – or even ever – darken the door of the church building?

Just a thought: “going to church” or “being the church.” I guess that’s a distinction that I’d like to make.

Kindness, acts of service, sacrifice, helping, listening, showing up, encouragement – all good stuff. It doesn’t always have to happen in a building.

So, may it be said of us: “The church has left the building!


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