ClayToday’s Word: ‘CLAY’ as in… you are the work of God’s hands, a priceless work of art!

If you’ve ever spent any time creating something; a picture, a model, a painting, a song, a poem, then you know the joy of creativity. Have you ever wondered what God thinks of you when God looks at you? You are the work of God’s hands and God continues to be creative with you!

You’ll need a hand full of clay for this.

Spend a few moments just holding the clay. Let it warm up in your hands. Now spend some time squeezing, pulling, kneading, twisting—just playing with the clay. When it’s really pliable, mold the handful of clay into the image and likeness of your most valued, precious, important relationship: a friend, family member, or even a pet.

After you’ve created your artwork, set it in front of you and read these words from Isaiah 64:8

“…GOD, you are our Creator. We’re the clay and you’re our potter: All of us are what you made us.”

Now close your eyes and say it from memory.

After you have read this verse and or committed it to memory, ask yourself why did you choose to make I did? Why is what you created so important to you? Look at the face (or where the face might go), what do you imagine that face looking like?

Is it happy?

Is it sad?

If this creation could speak to you, what would it say?

How would you feel if something happened to what you made?

God deeply loves and treasures what God has made. We are God’s creativity; created to do great things. When God looks at us God sees an amazing work of art!

Once you’ve put your clay away, look around your house for some finished pieces of pottery. Find a clay bowl, a clay vase, a plate, a mug, or even some finished art work. Think about these things and how they bring joy and satisfaction to you.

You are the work of God’s hands, a priceless work of art!


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