Today’s Word: ‘Awareness’ as in… be aware on this first Friday of Advent!

You’re driving on a two-lane highway, the traffic is steady, 10-15 seconds between the on-coming vehicles. Occasionally, a semi approaches, and as it does you’re keenly aware of every detail. You know the distance between you and the cars in front and behind you, how far you are from the right edge of your lane, and the distance between your vehicle and the center line. As the semi get closer, your eyes are on the road ahead. But in that brief instant as the truck passes you, you’re also aware of a message on the side of the truck: a company logo, the name of a business, a product, an advertisement. The message is intended to create awareness in you. But because you’re traveling at 60 miles an hour, there’s nothing more than a fleeting glance at the side of the truck—giving you an awareness only of colors and shapes, while you count on your brain to fill in the blanks.


Was that a pizza or a playground? Were those pet supplies or garden tools? Were those windows or fences? Was that a hamburger or an airplane? With countless possibilities coming at you at 60 miles per hour, and a thousand different messages passing you at the speed of life, you’re left pondering what that message might be.

Advent is about awareness.

Awareness deepens as we hear about families making plans to celebrate together!

Awareness broadens while you take a few more moments to linger in a conversation.

Awareness heightens as you realize that your relationships are the best gifts of this season.

Awareness widens as each new day provides another opportunity to be grateful. Yet, in a moment, “in the twinkling of an eye,” to borrow a phrase, that message comes and goes.

So, a question, or maybe two, or even three: What messages are you seeing around you? Are you aware of the messages pertaining to your life today? How does those messages point you forward to these hope-filled days ahead?



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