DecorationToday’s Word: ‘DECORATION’ as in… “This is the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had!”

I say it every year.

I’ve emerged from the crawl space with the Christmas tree box along with another dozen boxes containing decorations – reminders of past Christmases we’ve celebrated, places we’ve visited, people we’ve loved.

The decorations we use during Advent and Christmas actually reveal quite a bit. They convey meaning, tell a story, and provide a glimpse into the heart of our family. Each year, once our tree is up and decorated, there is that special moment when we pause to simply admire it. And in that moment of wonder we exclaim: “This is the most beautiful tree we’ve ever had!”

We say it every year. But then came yesterday afternoon.

On a walk with the pooch we noticed the heavily flocked evergreen tree toward the far edge of our yard. The sky behind it was rich with wisps of yellow, orange, blue, and white clouds. A mere backdrop to the majestic evergreen beautifully decorated with fresh snow; evenly draped, superbly flocked. It was magnificent! As the Advent season continues to unfold and as each day’s duration of light shortens, the lights on the trees in and around our homes seem to glow with more intensity.

As the afternoon shadows lengthen, as the days turn into evenings, and the sky continues to run through the palette of colors, we’re left with a few questions. Think for a moment about the collections of decorations you have for your tree.

  • What meanings do those decorations hold for you and your family?
  • What stories love and joy, comfort and hope do those decorations tell?
  • What one Christmas decoration, either for the tree or for your home, is most treasured and why?
  • How do the decorations you put up this year offer others a glimpse into your heart?
  • How do the decorations on your tree point to the one whose birth we’re preparing to celebrate?

Now go take another look at your Christmas tree. Could it be? Could it be the most beautiful tree you’ve ever had? Most likely!




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