LeapingToday’s Word: ‘Leaping’ as in… Ten Lords A-Leaping on this Tenth Day of Christmas!

There is general agreement that these ten leapers is a nod to the Ten Commandments. That’s worth considering. When Jesus was approached by a young lawyer asking him what the greatest commandment is, Jesus summed it up: “Love God, love others.”

I made my usual stop for dark roast this morning. Billy must have seen me coming because by the time I stepped to the counter, it was nearly ready.

“Hey Paul, Happy New Year! How’s it going?”

As he hands me the cup, I consider—just in that one very brief moment—how remarkably ‘present’ Billy is to the people he serves. Anticipating service is Billy’s gift and when he combines service with hospitality, something really remarkable happens: the Kingdom of God comes into sharper focus.

I’m not aware if Billy knows that; but that’s not the point.

The point is that the Kingdom, the Realm, the Party, the Dance, the Movement of God becomes visible in that moment – and ten lords are leaping!

Because of Billy, I’m more aware of the questions that lead to my “2020 clarity”: How can we be more present to the people we encounter? How can we anticipate more effectively the needs of others? How can we be more attentive to ways of serving vulnerable people? How can we learn to be more available to people we don’t know well or even at all? How can we serve others without any thought of how we’re being served?

These are good and challenging questions for this tenth day of Christmas! When we serve others well, isn’t there just enough joy in that? Of course there is!

When Jesus said over and over again, “The kingdom of God is at hand…” this is probably what he was talking about.

So today the ground shakes with joyous leaping to the tune of the good news that today we’ve been loved in ten different ways by ten different people giving us ten different opportunities to love others. And in ten remarkable ways the dream of God comes into better focus!



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