Drumming1Today’s Word: ‘Drumming’ as in… Twelve Drummers Drumming, on this Twelfth Day of Christmas!

As a kid, I’d occasionally come up with a question that would set my parents back on their heels. Joyce would respond with something like this:

“Paul Eugene! What are you thinking?”

That, of course, was a mostly rhetorical question. I could tell, she used my middle name.

There were times, though, when I’d come up with a doozie, a real keeper. And that keeper would actually be kept. She would write it down in her journal. One of those entries seems especially timely on this particular twelfth day of Christmas. The conversation between my mother, Joyce, and me went something like this:

Paul: “Why don’t the drummers in those movies get shot?”

It was fascinating to me that in early American war movies, while uniformed soldiers ran around battlefields pointing guns at each other and firing, the drummers drumming their hearts out in the midst of all of that chaos and carnage, never got shot. To my recollection, they didn’t even carry a weapon. They carried drums. They never were killed. At least not that I saw.

Joyce: “Because they’re the drummers. They carry drums, that’s why nobody shoots them.”

Now, just imagine the mental gymnastics going on in the mind of a little kid processing that information: People with guns, shooting other people. Death. People with drums, drumming their hearts out. Life. Hmmmm.

“Paul Eugene, what are you thinking?” Joyce asked.

A deep breath… and then I said what I was thinking:

“Well, then everyone should carry a drum.” I said.

On this twelfth day, as the light of this waning Christmas season illuminates the approaching season of Epiphany – the revealing of Christ to all people, it’s a good reminder to find a drum and pound out Good-News-Rhythms of peace and justice. In this new year, in this new season, today, let’s resolve to live, work and play well together to create rhythms of hope, peace, joy, and love for all people everywhere.

This is the beautiful and enduring challenge of this Twelfth Day!

Let’s drum on!



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