RushToday’s Word: ‘RUSH’ as in… what kind of rush are you experiencing?

On April 5, 2019, I introduced you to a phrase that continues to speak deeply to me:

“Sometimes you have to go far in order to come near.”

For me, this has always been about stretching myself into new and different experiences that demand that I think, behave, and live differently, so as not to get stuck. Sometimes you have to go a great distance – physically, mentally, spiritually – in order to arrive at what the moment is trying to teach.

It happened again this past weekend in the Dominican Republic. While hiking in the mountains around Jarabacoa with several Board members and staff from Doulos Discovery School, including my birthday girl, Nancy Lee, one of my fellow trekkers asked me what my Today’s Word was. It hadn’t revealed itself to me yet, but just that question sparked a deeper awareness of what was happening all around me. Moments later while standing at the foot of a waterfall, the word arrived: Rush, as in the rush of the mighty waters. As I stood at the base of the falls, I thought of all of the ways I was experiencing the ‘rush.’

The rush of the mighty waters was loud and powerful, dynamic and moving.

There was the rush of the wind and the rain that sabotaged our attempt to climb Pico Duarte, the highest point in the Caribbean Islands.

There was the rush of the moment that kept returning, again and again, reminding me that the rush of what I was experiencing was on “repeat.”

But by far the most important “rush” of all was the rush of the quiet reminder to not rush through all of these moments, to not rush from one experience to the next, to not rush forward without lingering in this present moment, learning what this has to teach.

Isn’t it ironic that by being in such a rush to get to the next moment, we often miss the rush of this moment.

Let’s not rush it.



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