Connected3Today’s Word: ‘Connected’ as in… we are, all of us, after all, connected to one another.

Since the Fall of 2018 I’ve been leading a group of seven couples through the Thriving Rhythms Project.

I call it “Thrivers 1.0.”

At our first meeting I was clear: healthy small groups have a beginning and an ending. We began in October of 2018, and agreed to end in June, 2019. We had a party to introduce the series, a party to end the series, and from November to May we met seven times to talk about what it means to be ‘Thrivers;’ spirited, creative, connected, present, grateful, generous and missional people.

At that June meeting the group told me—and this is the quote, “You can do what you want to do, but we’re still going to get together!”

Two years later we’re still thriving together!

So I thought to myself, “If one group is fabulous, then two groups, of course, would be spectacular!”

So since October 2019, I’ve been meeting with a spectacular group of seven High School students.

I call it “Thrivers 2.0.”

We’ve studied what it means to thrive as connected, relational young people who bear the image of the Creator; who find deep satisfaction in practicing intentional acts of kindness with all people; who explore the kind of hospitality that creates trust and builds mutual respect; and who know the level of connectedness that sustains the community that we all share together.

We then wrestled with seven questions:

  • What makes a good friend?
  • Why would your best friend say that you’re their best friend?
  • What “key ingredients” are necessary in healthy connections?
  • How does being connected to people we don’t know and may never meet impact the way we live?
  • How does one’s connection to the Divine impact connections with others?
  • How does practicing intentional acts of kindness and showing hospitality strengthen relationships.
  • Who modeled all of this for you?

Engaging in this level of reflection always leads to more thriving ways of being connected.

Because we are, all of us, after all, connected to one another!


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