ImpactToday’s Word: ‘Impact’ as in… that person who has deeply impacted you.

You know who it is, right? A coach, a piano teacher, a counselor, your best friend’s mom, a barber. For me, it was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Helen Bean. Broadview Elementary School.

I’ll come back to her in a moment.

Let’s go back to those seven questions from yesterday (scroll down, you’ll find them). Seven important questions to dwell in when thinking about the connections that impact you most; seven questions that we’d probably do well to ask each day.

But it’s the last question that I’d like to linger on a moment further: “Who best modeled “connection” for you?

There’s a good chance that the person who modeled connection well for you made a huge impact on your life. I was talking with my seven senior high school “Thrivers” about the important connections in their lives—those who had impacted them most. And each one of them named a parent.


In fact, each one of them named their moms. Now, they also gave props to their dads, but I was amazed at the powerful impact that their moms have had in their lives.

Okay, back to Helen Bean. Mrs. Bean was like a mom to me. Long ago and far away, I entered the 4th grade having essentially missed out on half of my third grade year. I went every day, but for only half a day. The student body of the school I attended was so huge that they had to cut the day in half to accommodate two shifts of students. So when I got to the 4th grade, I was half a year behind. That’s when Helen Bean, like a mom, scooped me up and poured all kinds of time, effort, and love into my life. By the end of the year I was caught up. I’ll never forget her impact. Years later I called her to thank her for impacting my life.

What kind of impact would you make if you made a call like that today? Make some impact!


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