ProcessToday’s Word: ‘Process’ as in… Can you see anything?

When Jesus asked the “blind man” if he could see anything, something within me believes that Jesus knew the journey toward clearer understanding would be a process.

“Can you see anything… new?”

“Can you see anything… differently?”

To think that it took Jesus a couple of attempts just to get it right would probably be missing the point. If that’s you, that’s okay. Like me, you may have been taught that by someone who didn’t have a clear understanding of the bigger picture here. No judgment; that’s most of us.

But the piercing question, “Can you see anything?” is a really good question. We might want someone we know and love to be willing to ask us that question every day.

“Can you see anything new, differently, more clearly today that you did yesterday?”

I think this story is placed here on purpose: Mark has woven together several stories that necessitate us asking how we understand who he is and what he’s doing! 5000 people are fed. How were they fed? Well, people learned to share.

A storm on a lake is about how Jesus meets us in our storms.

Jesus eats with the “riff-raff” while the religious elite get all hoity-toity about it. Well, aren’t we all a little “riff-raff” at some point?

4000 hungry people are fed “on the Third Day” and the religious elite ask for a sign! Really? How about the massive picnics Jesus has been hosting?

“Can you see anything?” It’s such a good question!

“Can you see anything?”

Do you understand what’s going on here? Do you get it?

We should all be so lucky to have someone ask us this question each day: “Can you see anything?” By dealing with the question, we remain open to new ways of looking; new ways of seeing what God is up to.

Here’s some really good news: It’s okay if, when responding to that question, all you see is “people, but they look like trees, walking.” Seeing life differently is always going to be a process.


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