Today’s Word: ‘REMODEL’ as in… when our hearts get remodeled, there’s more room for gratitude.

We have a house guest with us these days. His name is Boris. We’re in the midst of a small “up-do” on a couple of small spaces and we’ve got our new friend Boris doing some remodeling; turning an older space into a new space. Sometimes when people remodel their homes, much more than the home gets changed. I sure experienced that! Last weekend, our house was full of hoopla and hilarity: a sleep-over with the Hoonies. We were on our way outside to play when our remodeler arrived. It was a fascinating few moments trading introductions all around. “Ruby Grace, Ryann and Emily, this is our new friend! Boris is doing some work for us, and he’s going to be here with us all day!” The girls said hello.

Then Boris said “hello girls” to them, and that’s when they heard it: a Russian accent! When Boris said “hello girls,” the house was suddenly filled with sunlight, color, culture, and poetry! Nancy Lee asked if he would mind sharing a phrase of the Russian language with them. Without skipping a beat, Boris asked if he could pray for us.

(Again, just go back and reread that last sentence. I’ll wait for you here.)

Absolutely!” I said. And once more, the house was filled with the most remarkable, poetic, artistic, lyrical, mouth-full-of-beautiful-sounds that I’ve heard in a long time.

I had my eyes closed, but I’m sure everyone was smiling.

When our friend came to the end, he said something that sounded a lot like “Amen!” We all chimed in with our “Amen.”

Boris then told us that he was giving thanks for the new day and for new friends. He asked for safety as he worked and as we played. And he asked God to bless our home and the people in it.”

In that very moment, I realized that some important remodeling had taken place inside me. My whole heart had expanded to hold a lot more gratitude for a moment like that, and for a new friend like this.


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