AnticipateToday’s Word: ‘ANTICIPATE’ as in… as we prepare for the season of Lent, we have much to anticipate; forty days (not counting Sundays, which are known as little Easters) to wrap our hearts and minds around a journey that has the potential to take us to the end of ourselves in order to reveal the beginning of who we’re becoming: living, breathing, resurrected people.

But not so fast. We’ll have to die first.

Or at least let die those things that stand in the way of life and more life. And let’s remember that the more we embrace the journey, the more the journey will embrace us. These are very small steps we’re taking; daily steps into days filled with thoughtful searching, a good bit of wilderness and even hunger, a deeper look inward. But through these days we’ll thrive!

We’ll thrive as spirited people by affirming that we are inspired, animated and enthused by the Source of all life, and that every breath is a gift.

We’ll thrive as creative people through the discovery of our identity and purpose in the world, exploring our creative impulse, delighting in the wonder of imagination and the power of innovation.

We’ll thrive as connected people by nurturing healthy relationships, practicing intentional acts of kindness and showing hospitality as ways of creating trust and building respect which sustains community.

We’ll thrive in the present moment as people who practice rituals rhythms of sabbath, seek margin, welcome silence, pause to listen, acknowledge thin space, and immerse in what each moment has to teach.

We’ll thrive as grateful people who practice gratitude as a spirited discipline, remembering with joy and thanksgiving that all we have is a gift of grace.

We’ll thrive as generous people by seeking lavish interactions with the world so that the abundance of the few can transform the scarcity of the many into a feast of blessing where all have enough.

And we’ll thrive as missional people who embrace a vision of life and aliveness by creating a momentum of healing and unity by pursuing movements of hope and wholeness.

That’s a lot to anticipate!


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