Generous 1Today’s Word: ‘GENEROUS’ as in… the guiding narrative for a generous life goes like this: “We thrive as generous people by seeking lavish interactions with the world around us so that the abundance of the few can transform the scarcity of the many into a feast of blessing where all have enough.”

I’ve worked with three different small groups over the past two years pulling apart this narrative (along with the other six Thriving Rhythms narratives) in an effort to understand how living into these seven specific rhythms creates a deeper sense of thriving in our lives. I’m convinced that by exploring what it means to be spirited, creative, connected, present, grateful, generous and missional people, we’ll have what we need when global challenges present themselves locally.

There’s an enormous amount of fear swirling around what we know and what we don’t know about Covid-19. Fear is always a response to what we can’t see and don’t know. But as that fear begins to wane—and it will, we will encounter more stories of generosity as they begin to surface. Already stories are beginning to bend the narrative from fear on toward a more generative, generous rhythm of life: people are checking in on others who are not just isolated, but insolated.

Those with financial resources are coming to the aid of others who are vulnerable on just about every level.

Parents with flexible work schedules are reaching out to families with inflexible work schedules and providing not just child care, but tutoring and mentoring with encouragement.

Seth Godin nailed it again today in his blog. He writes,

Staying at home and sheltering in place is not selfish, it’s generous! Practicing social distancing helps keep the virus from infecting and impacting others and at the same time it flattens the curve of the spread of the pandemic, giving healthy facilities a chance to provide care over time.”

If you need a mantra, here it is: “As a child of God, I am a ‘generous’ human being; I’m free to live open handedly and open heartedly.”

This can change everything.


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