GuestToday’s Word: ‘GUEST’ as in… sometimes we’re simply guests of the transcendent… as is beautifully expressed by today’s Today’s Word Guest Writer, Nancy Lee Gauche.

“I am cuddled on the couch with our sweet little two-year-old granddaughter, Emily Joyce. We’re also joined by Shelbui (pronounced ‘Shelby’) the Staffordshire Terrier, also known as Shelbui the Wonder Dog, also known as Shelbui the Pitbull. It’s nap time.

Here’s the scene: Emily is clutching her “sippy cup” of milk with one hand while her other hand is gently patting Shelbui’s shiny, brindle coat of fur. I’ve just finished reading “Lulu and Red,” the wonderful children’s book about of two birds – two red cardinals who love each other. “Okay Emily, it’s time for Nana to lay you down for your nap. Tell Shelbui ‘night-night.’”

Emily lays her head on Shelbui’s back and kisses her up and down her spine. “Night-night Shelbui. Sleepy tight.” I’m holding Emily in my arms as we step into the den where her “Pack ‘n Play” is set up and ready for her. Her teddy bear is nestled among the blankets, waiting patiently. Standing there for an extra moment or two, we sing a song together, and then I speak a blessing over her.

And then, just before laying her down, Emily places her two sweet little hands on both sides of my face; one on each cheek. I feel the warmth and preciousness of her little fingers as I look right into her angelic little face.

And she looks right at me and then says: “I love you Nana.”

I receive her love with a wash of gratitude for a two-year-old who gives and receives love. And I pray for her life to be a love story beyond what this world knows. “And Nana loves you too, Emily. Nana loves you too… all the way to the moon and back. Twice.”

Sometimes we’re simply a guest of the transcendent.


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