MotivationToday’s Word: ‘MOTIVATION’ as in… “What’s your motivation for doing what you’re doing right now?”

Andy Puddicombe is a brother from another mother and another friend whom I’ve never met. I call Andy my “friend” because he and I spend time together every morning. Andy is the co-founder of Headspace, a meditation app launched in 2012 which has millions of followers and subscribers around the world.

(The premium version of the app is now free for all US healthcare professionals working in public health settings).

I’ve used Headspace for a couple of years, but it’s been particularly helpful lately. I’ve found that by making a commitment of 10 to 15 minutes each morning helps frame my mind for moving through the day. Centering into the exercise by focusing on the rhythm of breathing, Andy asks, “What’s your motivation for doing today’s meditation?” I’m paying closer attention to that question.

More broadly, “Why do we do what we do?” My natural inclination, of course, is to do pretty much everything for myself. But challenging me to really think about my motivations gives me that opportunity to step into a different, far more healthy and whole place: our relationship together. I’m doing this right now to create wider margin for clearer doing, thinking, and being.

My motivation for sharper awareness is to learn how this unique time in our shared history can teach us to live differently; to be different each day for one another. I want to be spirited differently, be creative differently, be connected differently, be present differently, practice gratitude and generosity differently so that as a missional child of God I’ll live differently. My hope and expectation is that when we all do this together, when we’re all paying attention to our “other-and-outwardly-focused” motivations for doing what we’re doing, it will be like a drop of water in a pool, rippling all the way to the edges.

That’s some good motivation! A favor, please? Would you be willing to hit the “share” button wherever you read this and let’s widen the circle? Go ahead and “Share” this. Thank you friends!


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