QuarantineToday’s Word: ‘QUARANTINE‘ as in… maybe just another word for sabbatical.

My good friend Greg, having just returned from Norway, is just beginning a 14-day quarantine.

Three nights ago, Greg and his traveling companions were notified at 3AM that they had a very small widow of time to leave Norway in order to return to the United States. That very small window of time included scrambling to rebook new flights for a party of eight, then driving some pretty gnarly, ice-covered roads through the Scandinavian countryside in the dark to get to the airport. But they’re back, safe and sound. Well, they’re back, anyway. And Greg’s summary of the whole ordeal: “…bottom line, all is well and we’ve got some great stories to tell.” I love that about Greg, he’s got ‘Positivity’ in his Top-5. I just know it.

Isn’t it amazing what happens when our plans are interrupted, when we’re forced to take an alternate route, leave at another time, go in a different direction? Stories. Creativity. Perspective. Quarantine. Sabbatical. The quarantine means that Greg now has a bit of “discretionary time” on his hands. And because it’s impossible for Greg to work remotely, he’s got some time to play, create, and gain some new perspective.

When I asked him what he’ll be doing during the quarantine, he used the words “creative juices,” “Northern Minnesota,” “Cabin,” and “The Milky Way” all in the same sentence. That’s another thing I love about Greg.

This got me thinking about how quarantine is not unlike sabbatical. The gift of quarantine is time to step away from the normal routines. Usual rhythms of life are interrupted and we’re able to tap into new opportunities that we wouldn’t have had. So as long as all of our schedules are a bit wonky, which for some, admittedly, will feel like driving some pretty gnarly, ice-covered roads through the Scandinavian countryside in the dark to get to wherever it is we’re going, we might as well embrace it.

What kind of creativity can come out of your next 14 amazing days?

Big shout-out to @gregash28!


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