Today’s Word: ‘DANCE’ as in… “Manny’s Dance!”

It’s a wildly creative rhythm we’ve got going: our grandkids enter the world and some “Grand’ music enters our grandkids. So far all four of them: Ruby, Ryann, Emily, and Manny have music written for them.

I’ve been creating music since my first piano lesson at age 6 when my piano teacher asked me to play the scale. I began on the far left end of the keyboard and confidently announced “A.” That was a great start.

As I played the second key, I said “B.” My teacher’s satisfied reaction only encouraged me, so I continued steadily: “C,” “D,” “E,” “F,” and “G.” I paused there not so much because I wasn’t sure of the name of the next white key, but because it dawned on me that I’d skipped four black keys and wasn’t sure what to do about them.

“Just keep going!” I told myself. So I did.

I launched ahead: “H,” “I,” “J,” “K,” “L,” I said, boldly. On and on I went. I went all the way to “W,” “X,” “Y,” and “Z” which, if you know the piano keyboard, only got me to E above Middle C.

“Hmmm. What next?” I wondered.

Since I’d run out of letters of the alphabet but was only halfway through the keys, the white ones anyway, the only logical thing  to do was to start over. So beginning on F above Middle C, I continued out loud: “A,” “B,” “C…”

All these years later, I’m still at it; still using all of the keys and putting them together in new and creative ways. The latest is this wonderful new song, ‘Manny’s Dance’ in honor of the birth of our sweet grandson!

Welcome to the world, Emmanuel Soren ‘Manny’ Gauche! (Emmanuel! God with us! I know, right?)

Heartfelt thanks to Bethany and Soren for gifting us with Manny! Thanks to Manny for arriving!

Thanks to Ethan and Darren who filmed and produced this, and thanks to my first piano teacher who just let me ‘dance’ on the keys!


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