Today’s Word: ‘Dazzled’ as in…we are dazzled, staggered, and astonished with a prayer by Walter Brueggemann. Each day for the past week we’ve been moving with thoughtful purpose toward a deepened sense of identity—that at our deepest and truest selves, we are spirit[ual]ed people; that we thrive by affirming that we are inspired, animated and enthused by the Source of all life, and that every breath is a gift! Easter kites, Mickey, Pinocchio, Woody, and a girl name Lisa were part of this week’s journey.

Today we are dazzled by the prayerful and poetic power of a German theologian. Please enjoy “In Human Form.”

A prayer by Walter Brueggemann.

“You are God, high, lifted up, majestic. As we say, “Yours in the kingdom, the power, and the glory . . . forever.” 

You are high and lifted up; it dazzles us that You work Your will through such human agents as David, the runt of his family, almost left behind and forgotten, and You called him to power and obedience and success. 

You are high and lifted up; it staggers us that You have worked Your will through this Jesus of Nazareth, He of no pedigree, He of no form or comeliness, He who emptied Himself in obedience; and You have raised Him to new life, before whom every knee shall bow. 

You are high and lifted up; it astonishes us that You work Your will through human agents like us, people of little consequence and limited capacity. You call us beyond ourselves; You send us beyond our imagination; You empower us beyond our capacity, and we become Your agents in the world, day by day doing justice and mercy and compassion. 

At the end of the day we still say in astonishment, that You are high and lifted up and majestic.  We are Your creatures, and we give our life back to You, filled with gratitude, eager for the rest that only You can give. 


Every once in a while someone adds prayer to poetry and we’re dazzled; simply, staggeringly, astonishingly dazzled.


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