Today’s Word: ‘Enthused’ as in… the power has to come from somewhere.

Today marks a couple of milestones. First, this is the 400th entry in the Today’s Word Project. It began as a spur-of-the-moment idea that seemed innocent enough: choose a word each morning, dwell in that word all day looking for all of the places where that word connects with life, find an image that conveys a deeper sense of the word, journal about it in the evening, then share all of that with friends and family.

If you’ve ever wondered about the hashtag #100days50words then you know there was initially a finite sense to all of this which I enthusiastically blew by quite some time ago.

The other milestone, of course, is a birthday. Yup, another trip around the sun. Just minutes ago Nancy Lee and I were outside on the deck in the 61-heading-toward-71-beautiful-degrees of this day and she said, “It’s great having a birthday on a day like this!” It certainly is. And what’s more, it’s also Earth Day! After 50 years of celebrating Earth Day on my birthday my friends and family now wish me an enthusiastic happy ‘B’Earth Day.”

The adjective ‘enthused’ comes from the verb ‘enthuse’ which comes from two Greek words: ‘en‘, a prefix which means ‘in’, and ‘theos’ which means ‘God’. I know, right? To be ‘entheos’ – to be enthused is to be “In God.” Or perhaps more to the point, to be enthused is to know that the power has to come from somewhere; to embrace each day with the awareness that the power is coming from the Spirit of God to inspire, animate, and enthuse us.

It’s one thing to be excited, ‘jacked-up, thrilled about life. It’s quite another thing to know that because we’re “in God” everything takes on a bit more enthusiasm.

My birthday wish for you today is that every breath would be a prayer; every action a loving gesture; and every moment filled with the awareness of where your power is coming from. And then just live into each moment with, you know, enthusiasm!


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