Good (Friday)

Today’s Word: ‘GOOD’ as in… Friday, Good Friday.

We gather at the cross where Christ is: with us, for us;. We gather at the cross where the power of God is made perfect in every form of weakness, where the light of Jesus shines through every shade of darkness, into what and who we have and haven’t been, into what and who we might yet become because of him.

We gather on this Good Friday more like the first century Jesus followers than ever before: struggling with fears of the unknown, the stress of information overload, the panic of dwindling resources, the worry over the health of others, the pain and grief of loss, and the anguish and suffering of death.

We gather at the cross which is still – even after 2000 years, a terrible reminder of what happened.

And yet … even after 2000 years, the cross remains a powerful reminder of Life in the fullest sense of the word. The cross is traced on our foreheads at baptism and again on Ash Wednesday reminding us of who we are and whose we are, and that we are fully known, unconditionally loved, and extravagantly treasured. On the cross we see Jesus pouring out love for parents parenting children through a pandemic; providing courage for seniors who wonder if they’re healthy enough to withstand today; giving hope to those who depend upon the generosity of others, stirring wisdom in people managing massive systems of resources that are stretched thin, providing stamina for doctors, nurses, medical technicians, firefighters, police officers, tenacity for those on the front lines of research and development working feverishly to find a vaccine to stem the tide and flatten the curve patience for everyone who already feel cooped up, stretched thin, and overwhelmed.

On this Good Friday we gather at the cross to see The One Who Saves; his arms stretched wide embracing us, holding us, loving us with compassion, forgiveness, grace, and power to carry us through this Good Friday into all that lies beyond this day – into the rest of our lives.


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