Today’s Word: ‘Innovation’ as in… it’s May fourth, so may the innovative force be with you!

This will date me, but I’m okay with it. It was a long time ago in [what seems like] a galaxy far, far away… when I stood in line at the Music Box Theater in Downtown Seattle in Late May 1977 waiting to see Star Wars. The first one. I was so moved by what I saw that I walked out the back door and went around to the front, bought another ticket and watched it again.

It’s been said that “Star Wars is more than a franchise [it’s become] a part of the culture and one of the few cinematic experiences that was literally embraced by the entire world it changed the way movies were made and touched the lives of billions of people.” And to think that when George Lucas showed his idea to Warner Brothers, they were disappointed and shelved it. Innovation is a risky business.

There will always be someone telling you that you need to really “hone your skills” and “make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row” before you get permission, and then “look before you leap.” (Well, that might be helpful).

Innovation isn’t just about painting the Mona Lisa or writing a bestseller or nailing the song on the first take (although that certainly could happen).

What’s your story?

What makes you sing?

What stirs your heart?

Why do you get up in the morning?

What creative project are you dreaming about?

That good idea, that impulse that won’t go away – just go after it! Do one little thing today that will push it ahead. If you did that each day for a whole year, what would you have a year from now?

Now, get going and let the God-breathed creativity that you inhaled with your very first breath make its way out and beyond you today. Inhale then exhale this holy and sacred oxygen.

Innovation is about breathing out what you’ve first breathed in. And may the forth be with you. There I said it.


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