Today’s Word: ‘inspired’ as in… those moments in life which either take our breath away or breathe new life into us. Or both.

The basic trajectory of every human life is to move ahead; to move beyond the present into something always and ever-more generative. To understand that our breath has purpose, that it comes from the Source in order to move us toward new life is the essence of inspiration.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus promised his followers that the Spirit would continue to inspire; to breathe life into life. The purpose of this on-going inspiration is to breathe-life-into-us-to-breathe-life-into-others keeping everything moving toward life.

My list of ‘breath-taking-breath-giving‘ moments is lengthy. People I’ve known, places I’ve been, things I’ve seen, music I’ve made and heard, Nancy Lee, our kids, our grandkids, etc. These and other things are all are equal parts breath-taking and breath-giving; each one heart-pumping and life-giving inspiring.

On that list somewhere is the experience of hiking 150 miles along the Superior Hiking Trail. Traversing into deep forests, over streams, through prairies and up challengingly steep high hillsides would always ultimately bring me out along a high ridgeline. The reward was always a spectacular view of both the Superior National Forest on one side and Lake Superior on the other. With my heart pounding, I’d close my eyes for just a moment to set this inspiring scene into my memory. I’d take twelve deep breaths, slowing my heart rate down enough to more fully appreciate the scene in front of me when I’d finally open my eyes. After those deep breaths, I was both figuratively and physically ‘in-spired’ to carry on. When we acknowledge that we’re continually being ‘inspired’ by the Source of all life, we recognize that the breath of the Spirit is moving us onward. There is purpose in every breath breathed into us. That’s what it means to be inspired.

What takes your breath away?

How do the things that “take your breath away” give you what you need to keep moving ever onward?

How does breathing the oxygen of the Spirit move you ahead?


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