Today’s Word: ‘Mandate’ as in… Maundy Thursday, as in Jesus’ ‘mandate’ to love – on this day and every day.

Doulos Discovery School is a faith-based, college preparatory, dual language PreK-12 grade school in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. We love the school, the people and support their mission to educate and equip servant leaders through Christian discipleship and expeditionary learning to impact the Dominican Republic.

During a visit in January 2020, I was captivated by a simple piece of art hanging on one of the walls in the guesthouse:

“Do Grace. Do Love, Doulos.”

Five words that are grounded in an ancient story from John 13 where Jesus models love for his followers by washing their feet.

On this Maundy Thursday we’re reminded of the power of love. The possibilities are endless. What does love do?

Love finds a way to create the hope, honor the past, unleash the present, empower the weak, fulfill the dreams, sustain the weary, and celebrate the simple.

Love resolves to delight in the young, inspire the old, release the bound, feed the hungry, articulate the beauty, paint outside the lines, and launch the idea.

Love makes it possible to overwhelm the hate, multiply the love, soften the heart, heal the sick, welcome the stranger, invite the lonely, and mend the broken.

Love shows the way to enjoy the moment, lead the followers, follow the leaders, see the possibilities, transform the expectations, expect the transformation, and unlock the courage.

Love creates ability to believe the unbelievable, bring order to the chaos, renew the used, use the renewed, involve the periphery, trust the process, and settle the differences.

Love opens hearts to help the helpless, cancel the debt, lighten the load, brighten the darkness, embrace the prodigal, return the favor, and generate openheartedness.

Love empowers people to imagine the future, act on a hunch, set the course, chart new waters, find the cure, spark the interest, and ignite the fire.

Love fuels the momentum not only to make a difference in the world, but make a different world altogether.

Love. Love is our mandate. Love is who are. Love is what we do. On this day and every day.


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