Today’s Word: ‘Meaning’ as in… finding meaning in every moment of ‘This Moment’.

Brené Brown’s new podcast “Unlocking Us” is, like all of her other projects, remarkably insightful and helpful. On an early morning run last week I listened to her interview with David Kessler. David is one of the world’s foremost experts on healing and loss and was integrally involved in writing Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s iconic and groundbreaking work on grief.

Their book “On Death and Dying” explored the now-famous five stages of death: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. After Kübler-Ross’s death in 2004, Kessler continued his research and over time and with the blessing of the Kübler-Ross foundation, a sixth stage has been added:


Kessler explains that all six stages of grief are cyclical, not sequential. We find meaning in each of them as we move in and out of these stages.

Especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Later that day I saw a headline indicating something like ‘half the globe’s population is on lockdown’. It’s a challenge to image 3,888,752,374 people sitting in their homes. I’m still wondering what that means. Whatever that looks like, I’m convinced that we can continue to thrive by seeking meaning in our daily lives wherever we are. We can do this in a general sense, as in: “I’m part of the global family and what I do right here impacts people over there.” And we do this in a particular sense, as in “I can reach out to quarantined/sheltered/home-bound people in ways that impacts them wherever they are.”

David Kessler’s challenge, as well a Brené Brown’s deep insights lead us to finding meaning in ‘This Moment’ by acknowledging the pain and grief, the suffering and loss. And by doing that we’ll be better able to find deeper understanding about who we are, what we’re doing here, where we’re going, and how we’ll get there which ultimately is essential to our spiritual, emotional and relational health.

Check out Brené Brown’s podcast at


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