Today’s Word: ‘rushing’ as in… I had several things on my ‘“Ta-Dahhh!” list today, and it perfect morning to be outside. Perfect in so many ways: sunny, not to cool, not too warm, and a lot of mostly non-discretionary time.

But there I was: rushing. I rushed twenty minutes of meditation before rushing a walk with Nancy Lee and the pooch. I rushed raking around the perimeter of the house before rushing through the first mowing of the season. Let me just pause right here to say that the First Mowing of the season is always a rather mystical experience. Honestly, it’s a holy moment; it’s quite literally a bunch of holy moments for me. It’s an opportunity to ‘walk the land’ and with each trip down and back I give thanks for our home, for the trees, the shrubs, the plants, the river, aka: rive gauche and the waterfall (remember that! I’ll return in a moment), the garden—all of it just a bit of heaven right here. The First Mowing is always a moment of gratitude for me. Anyway, I was rushing through the mowing so I could rush through the edging. Everything looked really good outside as I rushed through the cleanup. I put away the hose and all of the tools, parked the mower, swept the driveway.

Rushing, rushing, rushing.

So much rushing that I misplaced my gloves. Retracing my steps, I rushed around the house, into the garage, under the deck, around the garden. Geez, Gauche; what on earth! When I finally went back around to the river, aka: rive gauche and the waterfall, I found my gloves by the pond where a river’s worth of water was pooling. The water: rushing down the hill, laughing, tripping, falling over rocks until it landed in the pool at the bottom.

I sat down for a few minutes watching, listening, thinking of all I’d missed by rushing. I might have missed this –the only kind of rushing one might experience on a perfect day like this… perfect in so many ways: sunny, not to cool, not too warm, a mostly open.


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