Today’s Word: ‘spirit[ual]ed’ as in… we’re moving with thoughtful purpose toward a deepened sense of identity—that at our deepest and truest selves, we are spirit[ual]ed people. We thrive by affirming that we are inspired, animated and enthused by the Source of all life, and that every breath is a gift!

Our neighbors are celebrating Easter this weekend. Their church, like many Orthodox churches, base their Easter date on the Julian calendar, which often differs from the Gregorian calendar that is used by many western countries. The Orthodox Easter period often occurs later than the Easter period that falls around the time of the March equinox. That said, kites will be flying once again this weekend!

In many cultures around the world, flying kites at Easter is as common a tradition as serving ham and cheesy potato casseroles at Easter feasts. Kites are powerful symbols of Spring, resurrection, new life. In the Creole language, Monte Kap is the word for kite which means ‘able to be lifted up.’ The visual image of brightly colored material floating – suspended in the air “between heaven and earth” evokes the sense of excitement, movement, and creativity created by something that can be seen – a kite, and something that cannot be seen – the wind. A kite without the wind renders the kite motionless, lifeless. A kite in a sturdy breeze brings delight and a sense of aliveness.

When we acknowledge that we are powered by the wind of the Spirit, we’re holding onto something primal; something that connects us to the beginning of creation as the Spirit hovered over the deep darkness calling life into existence.

Humankind is essentially, spiritual; spirited, not because we make a decision to be so. We are essentially spirit[ual]ed people because the Breath of Life has first been breathed into our very lungs by Spirit. To deny that we are spirit[ual]ed people, then, is to deny our God-breathed identity.

Our very first inhalation at birth was only the beginning of a lifetime of breaths that moves us, lifts us up, and keeps us aloft somewhere between heaven and earth.

Like a kite!


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