Today’s Word: ‘Ta-Dahhh!’  as in… I don’t have a “To-Do” list.

I have a “Ta-Dahhh!” list which is way, way more fun than a simple “To-Do” list! Don’t get me wrong, it’s super-satisfying to check something off a list or draw a line through some task even if I’ve already done the task and written it down so I can cross it off! Who hasn’t done that? But it’s a lot more fun to feel like somewhere in the Universe there’s a cheer going up with a really cool choir-sounding ‘Ta-Dahhh!’ when I totally nail it.

At the top of my ‘Ta-Dahhh!’ list there is what I call “The Thrivers Prayer.” This prayer comes out of the work I’ve been doing with the Thriving Rhythms Project over the past four years. I wrote the prayer to acknowledge the seven particular rhythms that guide my life. If you’ve tracked with me at all, these seven rhythms will be familiar:

We are spirited, creative, and connected, called to be present, grateful, generous, and missional people exploring what it means to live with intention into this particular series of life rhythms that help us bring our best to each day, our best to each moment, and our best to each other as we encounter the world around us.”

If I can just pay attention to those seven rhythms each day, I’ve got a much better chance at thriving every day. The Thrivers Prayer is a reminder of who we are and what we’re here to do.

So let’s pray this together. Even while we’re apart we can come together and make this our prayer for today:

“Gracious God, you have created me in your image, breathed the oxygen of the Holy Spirit into me, called me into deeper connections through community, and filled every present moment of my life with more blessings than I can count. I am grateful this day and will commit to practicing gratitude, and I thank you  for your generous love that frees me to be your resurrected and missional child in this world.”  

Can I get an Amen!


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