Today’s Word: ‘trust’ as in… we thrive together in our lives when we each a make the daily commitment to trust this one truth: that strengthening our relationships comes by practicing purposeful acts of kindness and showing gracious hospitality.

Kindness, plus hospitality, equals trust.

In a very basic way, when we show one another kindness, we’re compelled, almost without even realizing what’s happened, to extend hospitality to one another. In this way, it’s a kind of transaction of grace which, if you think about it (and that would be a good idea), is an oxymoron.

Just go with me on this: I’m going to trust that making this commitment to each other creates even deeper trust among us which, in turn, builds mutual respect and sustains trust in the wider community. When we trust one another well, fully, deeply, everyone around us benefits. Common trust becomes highly visible because of its power to transform. This kind of trust is what can ultimately transform and enrich whole societies. It will have impact. So I’m going to trust that God, who breathes life into all of us and aliveness into all things through us, is moving us toward a deeper trust today.

We could also look at it this way: trust is the bridge that connects people in relationships. Trust brings neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, regions and even countries together. To experience healthy, whole and life-giving relationships we must first arrive together at the common understanding that we are fully able to ultimately trust one other. This becomes a shared act; we do this together. It is finally a powerful affirmation of our deepest connection as human beings.

This, of course, demands a deeper level of vulnerability: I must be willing to give you my trust and you must give me your trust. Vulnerability opens us up. Belief in our mutual connectedness brings us together. Trust is the pathway – the bridge that leads us toward each other.

What one thing will you do to strengthen trust with someone else today? Thanks for reading this. I’m trusting that this is helpful for you.


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