Today’s Word: ‘Clarity’ as in… seeing 2020.

We’re more than halfway through 2020, so why not revisit New Year’s resolutions, right?

On New Year’s Day 2020 Nancy Lee and I gathered with our small group for the “Annual One Word Collaborative; an afternoon of conversation about the one word that each of us had chosen as a life-lens for the year ahead. I announced my word for 2020: ‘Clarity.’ You know, like clear vision. ‘Clarity’ as in seeing 20/20. In every area of my life with my family, friends, and with you all, I wanted to make 2020 the year of new vision, new possibilities. I was excited to see everything differently; to look at life in ways I’d never imagined before.

Well, mission accomplished, right?

Within 10 weeks everything had changed. Almost overnight and whether we were ready for it or not, all of us were seeing everything differently. Now, moving just past the six-month mark, we’re still looking at every aspect of life differently. Healthcare, education, race relations, religion, stewardship, politics, spirituality – and the list goes on – we’re seeing all of that very differently. The mantra of the world that we left behind was something like: “The more things change the more things stay the same.” Not anymore. The new world that we’ve already moved into is a place where nearly daily “The more things change, the more things keep changing.” In this new world we’re discovering the need to be even more aware of our social responsibilities during the ongoing pandemic; even more intentional about walking into relationship with our neighbors near and far; even more faithful in our response to the Spirit’s leading often into places of deep discomfort. In Matthew’s gospel (chapter 13) Jesus compares the ever-present and always unfolding Kingdom of Heaven to such common things as a tiny seed, a pinch of yeast, a field-full-of-treasure, a pearl, a fishing net. Could it be that we’ve made it too complicated?

If The Promise is present in the little, everyday things, then The Promise is present in the complicated things as well.


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