Today’s Word: ‘Comma’ as in… what a difference it makes where it goes.

I’m learning the difference between saying “I’m not a racist” (which I am), and “I’m not anti-racist” (which, if I am honest, I most certainly am not).

I detest that about myself.

It’s easy to “like” something on the social media page hosted by my black friend. But not standing up for her, not coming to his aid, or refusing to back them up when they’re oppressed reveals the lie. I can say “I’m not racist” (which I am), but if I’m not also consistently, vehemently, honestly “anti-racist” (which, if I am honest, I most certainly am not – my silence has ironically proven that!) then the whole thing falls apart.

It’s at that very point that the little comma holds me accountable. That comma – right there, gives me the chance to reconsider taking one more step toward healing.

No more “Not racist.” No, more anti-racist.”

No more killing. No, more living.

No more walls. No, more bridges.

No more violence. No, more peace.

No more sleeping. No, more waking.

No more apathy. No, more empathy.

No more them and those. No, more we and us.

No more silence. No, more speaking truth to power.

No more standing alone. No, more standing together.

No more hopelessness. No, more hope against all hope.

No more looking away. No, more looking at one another.

No more “My way or the highway!” No, more Christ-like Third Way.

No more resisting self-reflection. No, more insisting on self-awareness.

No more “humanity’s inhumanity to humanity.” No, more humanity, period.

No more “Send someone else.” No, more “Send me, send us!”

No more wringing my hands. No, more holding your hands.

No more weeping alone. No, more crying together.

No more sitting down. No, more rising up.

No more exclusions. No, more inclusions.

No more disunity. No, more community.

No more ignorance. No, more learning.

No more divided. No, more united.

No more fear. No, more trust.

No more death. No, more life.

No more lies. No, more truth.

No more hate. No, more love.


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