Today’s Word: ‘Element’ as in… Jesus became the ‘third element’ of healing in a desperate situation involving a mom and her daughter.

There’s a good reason why this story has endured thousands of years, and makes its way to us in this time. When we feel disconnected, when we feel really out there, on the edge, far from center, far from secure, far from safe, we really need something to hold on to; we need something to hold on to us.

Consider the third Element in this ancient/future story. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help; it’s a sign of strength.

Most of us could make a list right now of the last couple of times when we felt untethered, adrift, floating (see how many ways there are to characterize these moments?!) and needed some help from someone else. A lot of us are all too aware of those moments when we feel like we’re in a far off place, all alone, by ourselves.

Okay, we acknowledge that. But let’s also do this: let’s take this just one step further. Who do you know, who can you bring to mind right now who is feeling the same way? It could be really helpful for them to have someone to talk to about all of the ways life seems to be unraveling. Small group conversations are primary venues for rediscovering again and again that “we’re not the only one feeling this way…” Think of the last time you were on the phone processing some challenging issues with a friend. There’s a good chance that when the call was finished, you both felt better. The “Canaanite Woman” sought out Jesus on behalf of her daughter, and Jesus became the Third Element in that relationship bringing healing to the situation. He met them both where they were.

The challenge for you in the days ahead is to make yourself available to someone who needs a little more perspective. By making that call or sending that email, you are making it possible for the Third Element of healing to be present.


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