Today’s Word: ‘Lessons’ as in… Life Lessons from the Playground: Redux. Where does the time go?

Just one month ago, for three days running, I shared some thoughts with you about the important things we can learn on playgrounds. Life was somewhat different  back then. Just a month ago we were dealing with a global health pandemic. Little did we know that in a matter of days we’d face yet another pandemic, only this one would be far more insidious and much more dangerous to everyone on the planet, in the long run. That, of course, is the global pandemic of unchecked racism and rampant anti-racism.

One month ago when I posted “Playground” on Facebook and Instagram, I was working on sharing some thoughts with my favorite 5th graders at Armatage Montessori School in Southwest Minneapolis. So on a somewhat chilly and overcast morning in May, I and my good friend and all around creative genius “Swen” headed to a local playground to capture a few moments for our 5th grade friends at Armatage.

Now that the graduation celebration is in the books and we’re all continuing to do what we can to make the world a better, safer place for everyone – no exceptions, I thought I’d invite you back to the playground for some creative thoughts that I’m calling “Life Lessons from the Playground. As with all things around here, nothing is done in a vacuum or by oneself. It’s all about collaboration. Thanks to Swen for the video magic.

Click here for some goodness: Enjoy!


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