Today’s Word: ‘Questions’ as in… Five Questions To Replace “How Was Your Day?

Have you ever thought about how quickly we default to the same set of questions when we greet someone? Whether speaking to a family member, friend or coworker, most of the time and almost without thinking we ask, “Good morning, how’d you sleep?” to which the response is most of the time and usually something like, “Great, how ‘bout you?” One only wonders what would happen if someone responded to something like “Hey, what’s up?” with something like “We’ll, thanks for asking, but I’m as bad as a sunburn in July.”

How was traffic?” “How was your day?” and “Did you have a good time?” are all good questions, but what do you really do with “Sure were a lot of crazy drivers!” or “It’s Thursday but it sure felt like Monday!” or “Yeah, it was a good time.” What are we really learning? What do we do with that bit of data?

Nancy Lee and I have noticed that when we check in with each other at the end of the day, we often ask a rather stock question: “How was your day?” And while we may genuinely be interested, truth be told, not much has changed since yesterday when we asked that same question.

Or the day before.

Or the day before that.

So, how do we change all of that? How can we show more genuine curiosity? How can we be more intentional about nurturing interest in each other’s lives? Our friends at Prepare/Enrich recently posted an article which provides a fabulous new way to get us to the heart of the matter as well as to the center of each other’s hearts.

Check out these 5 Questions to replace “How Was Your Day?

1. What made you laugh out loud today?

2. What gave you a sense of accomplishment today?

3. If your day was a meal a song or a color, what would it be and why?

4. How would you like your day to end?

5. What did you learn today?


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