Today’s Word: ‘unbelievable’ as in… what we’re seeing, what we’re hearing, what we’re experiencing together.

My broken heart has felt so heavy for so long. The images of raging fires, indiscriminate looting, and wanton destruction fueled by hate, injustice and disregard for human life somehow organized and orchestrated by some shadowy group we have yet to identify, has weighed so heavy on me.

The moments of mouthing the word “unbelievable” with no air behind it, no sound to carry it forward, no energy to make it heard have been too numerous to count. And tonight as the evening news began once again, I hesitated to see the stories that I knew would bring more heartache; watching images that once you see you can’t unsee and hearing stories that once you hear, you can’t unhear.

But then came the news story that would shift all of that for me.

It was the story of hundreds of volunteers flocking to Minneapolis to help with the massive cleanup even as the city braced for another night of confrontation.

For a moment, two moments, perhaps more, my heart lightened. For a moment, two moments, perhaps more, my heart beat strong again as the images of fires, looting and destruction were replaced with images of men and women, boys and girls, “black, white, brown, and indigenous” coming together to clean up a mess made by others who don’t live here and have no regard for others.

For a moment, two moments, perhaps more, I found myself saying out loud, “unbelievable, unbelievable!” as I watched people smiling, laughing, encouraging each other, filling garbage bags with one another, walking, working side by side, all coming together for one purpose: to be unified in body and spirit, working together—even playing together so that in the midst of so much destruction and loss, there is now a small ray of hope and light.

When people come together to work together, play together, talk and laugh together, they begin to listen and then hear one another in ways that draw them together even more.

Unbelievable, yet completely believable.


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