Today’s Word: ‘Come’ as in… Come, Lord Jesus.

2020 has been a bit of a blur, to say the least. Just one year ago at this time as we entered the season of Advent, it was mostly Christmas we were planning for. Within a matter of weeks we were making plans to office from home while others were planning funerals. Come, Lord Jesus.

By April we had a new vocabulary. Words and phrases like quarantine, super-spreader, cluster, asymptomatic, and flattening the curve were part of our daily conversations. Come, Lord Jesus.

By May we had witnessed rampant spreading of an invisible killer. The deaths were mostly on the coasts but the trend was beginning to move toward the Midwest. If we could have, we’d have turned our eyes away from the nightly news and images of refrigerator trucks parked behind hospitals. Come, Lord Jesus.

Then there was George Floyd. Then there was an election. Come, Lord Jesus.

Advent is upon us. It is the season of waiting and wanting, looking and longing, a journey through a wilderness that leads to a manger where Jesus was born. Was it a cave? Was it a stable? Was it a barn? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that our hearts become the (re)birth place for Jesus because when Christ is (re)born in us, we carry the Christ-love to others.

Moving into 2021 might just include standing with a coworker who is planning a memorial service for a loved one.

It might just include learning the new language of love for those who have come to the end of themselves but don’t yet understand that Christ meets them there and you’re the one conveying that love.

It might just include being okay with not knowing what to say when hearts are broken, when hope has run out, when others are wondering if there is any good news at all. The response to that is simply “Yes!” There is good news. Advent is upon us. The hope of Christ coming into our world and into our lives is the good news. Come, Lord Jesus.



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