Wholeness CrayonsToday’s Word: ‘wholeness’ as in… having a deep sense of being put together even when you’re falling apart.

We thrive as missional people who embrace a vision of life and aliveness by creating a momentum of healing and unity by pursuing movements of hope and wholeness.

When we gather around those who feel as if they’re falling apart and create a community that puts love into action, we acknowledge some assembly will always be required. When we do that for others and others do that for us, that’s a big step into wholeness.




Hope 2Today’s Word: ‘hope’ as in… this – from Frederick Buechner:

“Then at last we see what hope is and where it comes from, hope as the driving power and outermost edge of faith. Hope stands up to its knees in the past and keeps its eyes on the future. There has never been a time past when God wasn’t with us as the strength beyond our strength, the wisdom beyond our wisdom, as whatever it is in our hearts–whether we believe in God or not–that keeps us human enough at least to get by despite everything in our lives that tends to wither the heart and make us less than human. To remember the past is to see that we are here today by grace, that we have survived as a gift.”




MovementsToday’s Word: ‘movements’ as in… lasting movements all begin with the same thing: invitation. An invitation into The Movement to pursue hope and wholeness begins with an invitation.

If we’re reading this, then we’ve probably already gotten the invitation. And if we’ve gotten the invitation then we’re free to pass that along to others. Jesus made countless invitations to The Movement and it wasn’t even the Junior Varsity that got invited… it was the ragtag and fringe that were invited. The Movement is still going because there have been a lot if invitations (not coercions!) And actions always speak louder than words.

So … The Movement is at hand (to borrow a phrase). Who will we invite to The Movement today?



UnityToday’s Word: ‘unity’ as in… oneness isn’t sameness.

Through the years Nancy Lee and I have led a lot of couples through a lot (how many?!?!?!?) of marriage retreats. Remember Naniboujou?

I recall one evening after the last session of the day, a guy I knew pretty well came up to me and somewhat jokingly (from his perspective) asked me a question: “How can I be happy when my partner drives me nuts?” We chuckled (awkwardly) for a moment and then I replied, “That’s funny … your partner just asked the same question about you!” Oneness isn’t sameness.

Or as Tony Jones has said, “Unity is oneness of purpose, not sameness of persons.”

That works. We thrive as missional people who embrace a vision of life and aliveness by creating a momentum of healing and unity.



HealingToday’s Word: ‘HEALING’ as in… we thrive as missional people who create a momentum of healing wherever we live, work, and play.

It takes time to do this. It also takes effort, hard work, and energy.

If it helps, think of a flywheel. A dictionary definition of this is a heavy revolving wheel in a machine which is used to increase momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power.

Or this: think of the movement of a parent in the life of a child, slowly moving that child to learn to live well with others. Think of the movement of teachers helping students understand the complexities of learning communities. Think of the movement of responsible leaders in faith communities, city leaders, national leaders, international leaders working to not only bring people together but helping them learn what it means to live together in healing ways that bring life and aliveness to everyone.

Healing – we could all use some. We could all create some. Jacinda Ardern has, and will, no doubt, continue to show us how this is done on both a local and a global scale.



Queenstown NoteToday’s Word: ‘momentum’ as in… we thrive as missional people who embrace a vision of life and aliveness by creating a momentum of healing.

On our last evening in Queenstown we are surrounded by a country full of people who are kind, helpful, and loving. A momentum of healing is all around us. From the servers at Yonder to the dude selling tee-shirts and caps at the All Blacks retails store, people are genuinely kind and generous. A momentum of life is beginning to take hold again.

Momentum… as in a thriving kind of note left anonymously on a park bench on the waterfront of this amazing city.



Wanaka Tree AlivenessToday’s Word: ‘aliveness’ as in… one more trip through Buechner’s remarkable reminder to…

“Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace.”